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About Club Cavour

Established in 2021, Club Cavour is a membership-based association located at 170 Cecil St, South Melbourne. A place for Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Performers and Story Tellers to come together. 

The original Italian Club Cavour operated between 1920 and 1980. It was a place for the Italian community to come together for cultural exchange and dances. There is no longer a ballroom, yet the spirit of sharing cultural ideas remains in what is now a private home.

In the music scene in the 80's and as a member of the 80’s group Deckchairs Overboard it was common to have friends play music or stage theatrics at parties and we’d like to bring that spirit of informal creative expression back.

Each act is limited to 20 minutes and a member can invite up to five guests to attend an event and if more are needed, another member can vouch by proxy.

Who we are

Club Cavour are a group of passionate musicians, dancers, actors, performers and storytellers who come together a few times a year in a space deeply steeped in history of celebrating the collective love for the arts, for over 100 years in South Melbourne. Enquire about joining the Club Cavour family today.

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